There are several stories about our Spa's ancient origins. Two of them concern the adventures of Agamemnon over 3000 years ago. These tales are probably true. And thus our Spa is known as Agamemnon Spa.

But Ladies! You know well that men rarely discover anything. Like in Iceland today Our Hot Springs would have been even more treasured in the Ice Age. And right up to Agamemnon's time it was Amazon Women who had the Power in Anatolia. Women developed our Spa 12,000 years ago! And Ancient Egyptian Map-makers and beautiful Cretan Ladies bathed here!

Commander Agamemnon took 1,000 Ships to Troy. Remember Brad Pitt as Achilles in the film? You can visit Troy from our Spa! Agamemnon was in Troy to stamp Mycenaean 'greek' Male Authority on Anatolian Queens like Beautiful Helen and Wife Clytemnestra. In 10 years of figting Agamemnon sent his wounded warriors to our Spa for Cures, Rest and Relaxation. Very successfully! Come and bathe where they bathed!

The second tale concerns Clytemnestra's and Agamemnon's Daughter Crysothemis. The story goes:
"She had a (skin) disease. So Agamemnon chained her up at our Spa to protect his warriors. But she rolled in the therapeutic mud and cured herself." Probably the disease was one of belief! You can read Agamemnon's story for yourself in Homer, Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripedes. Greeks like Alexander the Great, and Roman Ceasers too loved our Spa! Some Byzantines disapproved of bodily cleanliness and let our Spa here at Balcova fall into disrepair. So it was left to the Islamic Ottoman Turks in 1415 to repair and renovate things and to create a Turkish Baths, a hamam.

And, of course, in these Republican Times, the Izmir Metropolis developed our Balcova Hot Springs Hotel and Treatment Thermal Centre. This up-grade was soon to be discovered and approved by Scandinavian Governmental and Private Health Organizations. After all, the location and services are unbeatable. So why not join a constant stream of delighted North Europeans here at our Hot Spa, Hotel and Treatment Centre,Balçova Tenis Club, at Balcova, on the Turkish Aegean, the Birthplace of Western Civilizations welcome, cosset and cure you! You can't beat our secure professionalism and Turkish Hospitality! You'll love it here.       


To offer our guests the best, most valuable and everything that comes to mind when vacation is of concern, through creating a different and unique understanding of service within the tourism sector where rivalry takes place intensely.


Generating plans and solutions with focal attention given to progress, to become a worldfamous brand and a leader in the field that makes a difference in dreams and lives of people.


  • Dependence of ethical and professional values
  • Always in search of original concepts and quickness in practice
  • Different product and service
  • Perfection in service
  • Centred on guests and solutions
  • Genial, sincerity and transparency
  • Continuous, permanent and reliable
  • Reformer and leader

Our Quality Policy as the Management of Balçova Termal Otel;

Our Quality Policy as the Management of Balçova Termal Otel;
-          To provide our guests with healthy, true, trustable, complete and on time service, in compliance with EU standards.
-          Integrate Management System and fulfilling legal obligations.
-          Constantly improving our physical quality and quality of service.
-          To use sources of our firm in a suitable and effective manner.
-          Protecting the environment by preventing pollution.
-          Providing healthy and secure environment to all of our shareholders with occupational health and safety awareness in mind.
-          To serve with the teamwork understanding that targets staff satisfaction.
-          To consult the union in corporate management.
-          To maintain our status as the “industry leader” by making a difference in our country, in the field of “Spa Cure Hotel” management.

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